Before you lose your mind in excitement at the poster below, make sure to read the plot details provided by Variety [via CBS].

We know the Arrowverse and Supergirl do not, and for many reasons cannot, exist in the same TV universe. However, that won’t stop the Scarlet Speedster from crossing over into Kara Zor-El’s Earth.

The plot synopsis is as follows: The Flash ends up in National City, presumably by mistake. In order to get home he and Supergirl have to make a trade off. She enlists his help, and in-turn, she assists him in finding a way back to Central City on Earth One. His help will come through in the aid of ensuring Supergirl’s victory over Silver Banshee, alias Siobhan Smythe (Itlia Ricci) and Livewire, alias Leslie Willis (Brit Morgan).


(Courtesy of CBS)

The poster is an homage to The Flash and Superman race in Superman #199 (1967)

(Courtesy of Quora)

(Courtesy of Quora)

The crossover episode airs Monday, March 28 on CBS.

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