When it was revealed at Sony’s Gamescom press conference (2014) as a “playable teaser,” PT was assumed to be another of PlayStation’s ventures into independent game development. That assumption could not have been more wrong. The teaser turned out to be an exceptional horror demo that continues to keep the industry talking. However, the biggest surprise came with the reward at the end of the demo, which revealed it was a project headed by game legend, Hideo Kojima, and acclaimed filmmaker, Guillermo del Toro. The star of the project was none other than The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus.


PT Norman Reedus

Courtesy of Konami


Unfortunately, fallout between Kojima and the game’s publisher, Konami, resulted in the project’s cancellation. Kojima’s on to bigger and better things, starting his own studio, with plans to publish his next title with Sony. Luckily, he and del Toro still want to work together and Reedus is waiting for any opportunity to hop aboard.

With the cancellation of the PT/Silent Hills came the outcry from horror fans and non-fans, the demo was that good and the possibilities were that promising. The #SaveSilentHills campaign is looking to turn the tide and thanks to this fan film, people still have hope of what could happen while also lamenting on what didn’t. It’s a perfect recreation of PT; all the little nuances that made the game shine are perfectly implemented. Even the “HELLO!” and “Gouge it out!” bits get well done sequences.


gouge it out

Courtesy of Konami


Watch it for yourself in the video above and tell us what you think in the comments. Hopefully, Kojima and del Toro have seen this and will be just as inspired by the fans as we were of their masterpiece.

“Don’t touch that dial…” Need more Silent Hill? Konami has it covered with Pachinko!


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