Set in the, seemingly, near future, the short film follows Robbie Amell’s (The Flash) character in Lincoln City where four percent of the population has special abilities and a majority of them live below the poverty line. Drones roam the skies alerting the police of threats; when there is one, the situation is met with militant force, while robots keep watch in case the incident escalates. Check out the short film below, it is just as amazing as it’s premise is impressive.

[youtube id=”DqO90q0WZ0M”]

Anyone else getting inFAMOUS and Psycho-Pass vibes?

Directed by Jeff Chan, of Call of Duty: Operation Kingfish fame, the film was shot in LA last summer and also stars Aaron Abrams (Hannibal), Chad Donella (Scandal), and Alfred Rubin Thompson (Club Dead). Due to scheduling issues regarding vigilante duties in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Arrow, Stephen couldn’t feature in the short, but acted as executive producer and has plans to take an on-screen part in the feature film.

The robo… cops

The IndieGoGo Campaign was launched because the next step for the project is making a feature film, which they hope eventually hits silver screens. The two actors funded the short film’s production themselves, but now need help seeing the rest of their vision through. Their goal is to raise $200,000 and so far they are inline to hit the target; thus far, the campaign has raised over $190,000 in two days. You can visit their campaign page here.

For now the team is keeping other plot information close to the chest: “we want to delve deeper! But, we hate spoilers, so we won’t say too much about the story.” Code 8 is already off to a great start, now the wait begins to see where they take it next.


Source and Image: Code 8 on IndieGoGo