During the 1990’s Star Wars Expanded Universe was beginning to fill out and set a steady course to uncharted territories, and with expansion came the six issue series Dark Empire.

Dark Empire focuses around twins, Luke and Leia as they battle the return of the dark, hooded essence of Emperor Palpatine. With remaining factions of the Empire still lingering, these golden issues hone in on Leia’s developed Jedi powers and her partnership with Luke in defeating the factions. (It’s a great storyline to day dream of ‘could’ve beens’ for us girls out here who felt slightly cheated by the lack of Leia in The Force Awakens.) We also get to satisfy our inner dark side by witnessing Luke struggle with his desire to succumb to Palpatine and his enticement to the dark side.

The issue went to the digital vault, available to all members of Marvel Unlimited, February 15th.