As Captain America: Civil War inches closer to theaters by the day, Marvel has released posters and teasers galore. Today, Marvel unveiled your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man for the first time in the MCU. Geek Feed was one of the first to notice that #TeamCap had 6 posters with the title, ‘Divided We Stand,’ while #TeamIronMan only had 5. Does this hint at Spider-Man’s potential team up with the ‘genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist?’

Yes! The latest trailer revealed Iron Man’s secret weapon is in fact Spider-Man. While the footage of the webslinger was CG, audiences should not jump to conclusions. The Russo bros. have several months to adjust the CGI, so in the meantime, try not to overthink the single shot of Spidey. Although, don’t disregard Spider-Man as a whole, because many reports claim ‘Tiger’ will have a profound impact on the outcome of the film. Captain America: Civil War won’t hit the box-office until May 6, 2016, but, in the wise words of Mr. Stark, ‘I’ve run out of patience.’


Images: Marvel