One trailer that was presented during the Super Bowl on Sunday that was not hyped prior to its premiere during the game was for the March 11th release of Bad Robot’s 10 Cloverfield Lane. The movie appears to be some type of sequel to the 2008 JJ Abrams’ Americanized take on Godzilla, Cloverfield. If not a sequel, it appears connected to Cloverfield and so far the connection to that movie appears to be in name and a roar, which can be heard in the last few moments of the latest trailer which begins suddenly with a car accident.

Where the last movie was shot with a found footage style of narration the trailers so far do not reveal that is case with this film. Also missing from the footage so far is any visual evidence of a monster which leads to the question, “How are the two movies tied together if not just by title and production company?” Since Cloverfield’s release there have been discussions of a possible connected movie. Apparently 10 Cloverfield Lane started production on 2014 from a 2012 script started via those discussions.

The surprise release of a trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane a few weeks ago gave few glimpses into characters and plot and this trailer gives more questions with no answers. John Goodman plays a man who is if not living in a survival shelter he at least is spending time there with Mary Elizabeth Winsted and John Gallagher Jr. as injured people he has rescued then needs to keep from escaping, after he pleads his case for their rescue. From this trailer we can see there is also a house, fire, a car crash, a gas mask, lots tense music and a pointy stick.

What can all of that be about? Questions will be answered when the movie is released on March 11 2016