Tick tock goes the clock as the countdown until the premiere of Season 6 of HBO‘s Game of Thrones draws nigh. With only days left before the premiere — April 24th in America and April 25th in the UK — fans everywhere are desperate for answers after the finale of Season 5 left off with the (SPOILERS) death of Jon Snow at the nasty hands of Castle Black’s goons.

During downtime between seasons, a team of students from the Technical University of Munich created a software with an algorithm that can predict the deaths of GoT characters. The software called, A Song of Ice and Data, uses 24 factors in predicting the percentage of who is most likely next in getting the axe.


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“Our motivation for the entire project was basically this: there are many wikis and similar things about Game of Thrones, and we analyzed the data to understand how the world of Game of Thrones would react and what they would do, to find out who’s the next to die. Which of the houses are the most dangerous, and that is an unbelievably exciting theme, and that was my motivation to take part in this project.”

We have to agree, the sheer idea of predicting the deaths of characters is quite thrilling. Also, it would be nice to better prepare those of us with more sensitive hearts for a great loss.


Sam Tarly on ground Castle Black in Game of Thrones

Our hearts cannot take it anymore.


As seen in the video above, the algorithm has predicted Tommen Baratheon stepping up next to bat in the game of swing and die. With no certainty in the predictions, only time will tell.

Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres on HBO April 24th.


Images and Video: HBO, The Guardian