Fair warning: you really shouldn’t read this unless you’ve already seen Captain America: Civil War or just love having stuff spoiled because there be SPOILERS here.

Let’s put this gif of pre-Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes here to dissuade you and give you a chance to put this away for another time, after you’ve seen Civil War.


Bucky Barnes Don't do anything stupid until I get back


Okay, let’s begin.

Thanks to The Nerdist, who provided the video below, we now have what we can only assume is Sebastian Stan all but confirming a very huge plotline from the Captain America comic books post-Civil War. Let’s brush on that for those that aren’t aware of how this played out on the page.

In the books, Steve Rogers is killed after the events that put him at odds with half the Avengers et al, leaving his best friend Bucky to take up the mantle as Captain America (until it’s taken over by Sam Wilson). That doesn’t look to be quite the case in the MCU.

Captain America was alive and well at the end of Civil War, with a mid-credit scene revealing that Bucky had personally elected to be refrozen as a safety precaution, lest the Winter Soldier rear his assassin’s head again. Rogers solemnly understands, thanking T’Challa for providing the cyrogenic safe haven for his pal in Wakanda. The end.

While most of us presume we definitely haven’t seen the last of Barnes, as not even death can keep him or any other Marvel character down for long, the question remains: How and when will he return?

Additionally, will Rogers be killed at some point resulting in Barnes becoming Captain America?

Stan posed that very question during a Q & A session with the audience at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles before the premiere of Civil War (jump to the 1:23 in the video below, if you’d rather skip the commentary):

“Do you guys think I should be Captain America?

You know I was sitting in a room with them and basically they were saying to me that, ‘This is what’s going to happen: He’s going to become the Winter Soldier then eventually he’s gonna be Captain Amer….(insert unintelligible blerrhghh here).’ And I was just like, ‘That sounds great, that sounds great, that sounds great,’ but they were never telling me at any point in time that that’s what they were gonna do. They still aren’t. Anyway it was great, it’s  just sort of, kind of overwhelming, I guess.”


Agent Coulson huh


While we are in no hurry to send poor Captain Rogers, nor Chris Evans for that matter, out to pasture, it would be a pretty compelling journey to watch Barnes go from frozen, maligned, damaged pariah to America’s greatest hero. We can’t even predict how that conversation would go in the Avengers Tower.


[iframe id=”http://nerdist.com/embed/?pid=399195&vid=4882072803001″]


As Stephanie Ritter elaborates in her commentary, this also wouldn’t necessarily mean Rogers would remain dead, but that creates a whole new set of head-scratching dilemmas best saved for another time.

What about you? Are you ready to see Cap’s shield passed on to James Buchanan Barnes, assuming it’s returned at some point? Sound off in the comments below.


Images via Marvel (Walt Disney Studios)

Source: The Nerdist