The CW has finally released the title and episode synopsis for the Kevin Smith-helmed episode 21 of The Flash. The villain debuted on the show back when the Scarlet Speedster was still referred to as “The Streak.” On the sixth episode of Season 1, The Flash is Born, Barry and Iris were reunited with an old acquaintance — their elementary school bully, Tony Woodward.


Kevin Smith directing Girder's return to 'The Flash'

He was admittedly forgettable. Remember the supersonic boom punch?


During the particle accelerator explosion, Woodward was involved in an accident, which made the would-be-murder victim a “man of steel,” per Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne’s assessment. The villain, Girder, has appeared and been mentioned a few times since then, but now he’s making a full on return. From the looks of it, his visit will not be a friendly one.

Episode 21 Synopsis via Comic Book Resources:


THE FLASH — The Runaway Dinosaur — With Barry (Grant Gustin) gone, the team must figure out a way to handle the return of an old enemy — Girder (guest star Greg Finley). Realizing Girder is retracing his steps from his last attack, Iris (Candice Patton) volunteers to act as bait to trap him in S.T.A.R. Labs. Meanwhile, Barry fights to return to his old life. Kevin Smith directed the episode written by Zack Stentz (#221). Original airdate 5/10/2016.

If Barry is gone, does that mean he’ll go the next few episodes without his speed? Are we in for a series of The Flash episodes sans the titular character? Anything is possible. Kevin Smith already teased how awesome the episode is; it’s apparently so good, the higher ups may let him return to direct another.

In other news related to the Scarlet Speedster, the DCEU standalone film starring Ezra Miller may feature some familiar heroes and villains to those who watched the first season of The CW series. Tell us your thoughts and theories on all things Flash in the comments below.


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