They say patience is a virtue. Whoever they are, they must have been talking about electronics. Whenever a hot new model hits the marketplace the public is all too eager to get its little paws on it. The problem is most of these models debut before all the bugs can be worked out or even discovered. Honestly, it’s enough to make you wonder if these manufacturers have a quality control division. The Samsung S7 and S7 Edge are absolutely part of this trend.



Samsung unleashed its latest Galaxy mobile phone models, the S7 and S7 Edge, on March 11. Just a couple weeks later users have already run into a slew of issues. The S7 sought to improve on the shortcomings of the S6, which released less than a year ago. Users were heartily unthrilled at the lack of Micro SD card slots in the S6 and Samsung listened, bringing back external storage on the S7. The S7 is also sees the return of the S5’s waterproof rating, something sorely needed in the land of mobile phone ownership.

How we wish it was all good news. First off, the S7 seems to have an oversensitive touch screen, which can really be a pain in the ass when your phone becomes unresponsive as it falsely anticipates you’re trying to open an app or type. Additionally, you’ll find the Bluetooth feature scans endlessly, which eats up your battery. This Bluetooth issue is coupled with the annoyance that it sometimes experiences issues pairing with other devices (e.g. cars and such).



Oh and remember how we said Samsung brought back removable storage on the S7? Yeah, there’s a catch. First, the S7 only comes with one internal storage size: 32gb. That wouldn’t really be a big deal since removable storage under Android Marshmallow (the latest Android OS) allows you to adopt your SD card to merge with the internal storage essentially increasing the size of it. Sounds awesome, right? Samsung apparently didn’t think so and rejected this ability. Doh! On top of this, the phone randomly checks to make sure you know you have the blasted card installed.


We’re honestly not sure what Jeremy Clarkson has to do with any of this. Just go with it.


The S7 also experiences issues with camera failure, overheating, unresponsive buttons and lagging wifi. Whew. Advice? Wait for Samsung to knock out the kinks before sinking a few hundred dollars on this tempting morsel. If recent history is any indicator, you’ll likely only have to wait about 11 months for the S8.


viaTech Times
Images via Samsung, BBC