The general consensus regarding the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is that it’s basically all kinds of awesome. Despite the fact that it’s a Star Wars film and therefore deserving of reverence, it merits a lot of praise on its own due largely to how meticulously they recreated the precedent set in 1977.

Following that line of thinking, IGN has recreated the trailer 70s style complete with stunted cuts, questionable typography and fantastically dull, echoing voice-over reminiscent of something narrated by Rutger Hauer. They’ve even spliced it with a couple of shots from A New Hope to add a bit of atmosphere.



Rogue One stands on its own within the Star Wars universe. There are no major characters from previous films (as far as we can tell so far) nor does it have the sleek, overly-polished look of the prequels or the scarred facade of the The Force Awakens. We’re back to seeing the Rebellion use outdated computers with monochromatic screens, lots of cumbersome tubing and wires and clothes that look more utilitarian than fashionable. Frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised if some of the guys end up sporting some killer sideburns and ‘staches in the background shots.

Therein lies the genius. The film clearly pays due respect to the look and vibe of the original trilogy. For those alive during the 1977 release of A New Hope this should feel just like going home, and about damned time, too.

Rogue One takes place weeks before the events in A New Hope, detailing the Rebellion’s covert operation, led by maverick Jyn Eso (Felicity Jones), to steal the plans to the Empire’s new superweapon: the Death Star. Once obtained the Rebellion will be able to (hopefully) find a weakness and destroy the weapon before the Empire can use it on the hapless galaxy.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters December 16.

Images & video via Lucasfilm