With March Madness on the horizon, Psyonix has another massive plan in store for Rocket League fans. This time, it’s not a new car, or a new league, they are instead introducing another new mode. A Basketball mode. Basketball… in Rocket League… a game about rocket-powered, soccer-playing RC cars. Let’s take a second and appreciate the greatness of this idea.

A post on the game’s Twitter page hinted at the mode:


There are no details yet on when it’s coming or what the price will be, if there is a price. Pysonix did this last year when they introduced a mode transforming the game into ice hockey, for free. Maybe the same model will apply to the new basketball mode.

(Snow Day - Hockey Mode. Courtesy of Psyonix)

(Snow Day – Hockey Mode. Courtesy of Psyonix)


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[Image: Psyonix]