Even prior to getting an official first look at Batman v Superman, fans were speculating on Robin’s place in the DCEU. Then the first trailer was released, and in it, Robin’s suit was showcased. On its display was what appeared to be a bow staff, with the suit desecrated in Joker graffiti. It’s the Death in the Family story, fans cried, thinking it was Jason Todd, the second Robin who had been murdered by Joker in the comics during the 80s. But with Snyder and Co. taking certain liberties, as they should, it’s more than fair to assume it could be either one of Bruce’s other young wards as well — Dick Grayson or Tim Drake. Spoilers below.

Now there’s evidence as to who the dead Robin could actually be in the DCEU. It’s a leap, but not a grand one. Noticed by Digital Spy, in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Tech Manual, the image below depicts an unfamiliar take on Robin, whichever one he may be.




Nope, that’s not a bow staff or some other non-lethal weapon, but a halberd. A halberd. It doesn’t get much more lethal than that. Now we’re left to wonder why this was removed from the film. If Snyder was brave enough to depict a ruthless Batman who isn’t adverse to killing, why not show evidence that his sidekick did as well?

Perhaps fan theories of the Bat becoming a killer in his old age are wrong. Maybe he’s always had a penchant for killing, which he passed down to Robin. While that may seem unlikely, it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility, not in the cinematic universe Snyder is conducting. At any rate, it could be a fascinating take on the character not yet explored.

Furthermore, if Robin indeed was a killer, could that be another clue to him potentially being Jason Todd? Todd was typically a bit more… forceful than Dick was when he donned the red suit. When he returned years later as the Red Hood, he took on the role of an antihero who openly carried guns and chose killing as his brand of justice, deliberately defying his mentor’s tactics and morals.


From Red Hood and the Outlaws Courtesy of DC

From Red Hood and the Outlaws Courtesy of DC


This could all be incredibly awesome, but wait… Robin ran around Gotham late at night carrying a halberd? What does a street vigilante need with a halberd? There are stranger things that have happened in Bat-lore, but that’s a stretch even a clever Killer Croc narrative could push past. Who knows how long we’ll have to wait to see these narrative threads concerning the sidekicks addressed? In the mean time, sound off with your thoughts and theories below.


Images: Warner Bros.