In Saitama, Japan, at its Capcom Cafe, Capcom will begin selling the limited edition bottled fragrance on March 26. Called T-Virus, the scent owes its design to the Umbrella Corporation’s T-Virus strain; the same virus responsible for turning a substantial portion of society into flesh-eating zombies.

Inside Games reports the price is set at 4,200 yen, equivalent to $37.63 USD, per bottle. But there’s a significant detail missing. What does it smell like?

Chime in down below with what you think the fragrance is — Horde of Zombie? Rotting flesh?


Courtesy of AMC

Courtesy of AMC

What if this so-called fragrance is the Umbrella Corporation’s cunning stratagem to stealthily release the actual T-Virus… tread carefully friends.


Top Image: Kotaku