A few weeks prior to the film’s theatrical debut, the director’s cut was revealed to have an R-rated version. Days later, Zack Snyder announced the R-rated cut would add an additional 30 minutes to the movie’s already hefty 2 hour and 22 minute runtime.

Now it’s been announced the Ultimate Edition Blu-ray will hit stores on July 16th, just in time for Suicide Squad’s August 5th release date in theaters. It’s already known that Jenna Malone’s character was entirely cut from the film, but she won’t be the only addition. On why BvS¬†had to be toned down to ensure a PG-13 rating, Snyder had this to say:

‚ÄúThere‚Äôs a little bit of action, there‚Äôs a little bit of violence that we trimmed out for the MPAA that we put back. The Batman warehouse rescue, there‚Äôs a couple shots of Doomsday that were too intense. Then there‚Äôs a little bit longer ending, sort of the ending sequence, and the opening of the movie, the North Africa sequence is really much different.‚ÄĚ

In addition to that, Amazon has exclusive Batman and Superman figurine collector’s editions.



You’ll probably feel forced to choose a side, since they cost¬†$129.99 each, while the regular Ultimate Edition is $29.99. Each edition will include¬†the r-rated cut Blu-ray, the theatrical Blu-ray, DVD, and the digital HD UltraViolet copy. Again, the collector’s editions are exclusive to Amazon¬†and are available for pre-order now.

Let us know if you plan on purchasing a collector’s edition. If so, which one?


Images: Amazon via Warner Bros.