The Captain America: Civil War press screening has happened, and though there is a review embargo until April 13, those lucky bastards who were able to see the film ahead of the rest of us are able to give initial reactions via Twitter.

We know what you’re thinking: okay, so are we talking Deadpool level awesome or Batman v Superman level disappointment? Unless you liked BvS and hated Deadpool.


Hated Deadpool. LOL.


Anyway, we managed to get a sampling of the tweets just for you. You’re that special.


So about that Deadpool/BvS thing…


Well, that’s to be expected. Deadpool is in a class all its own, and it’s pretty groundbreaking as far as comic book movies go. Hard to compete with novelty and the passion that comes with the first film of a franchise, especially when that film is plain awesome.


Batman v Superman, bless its dark, gritty heart.


Okay, hard to argue with that. So what about that tarmac scene we keep seeing in the trailers? Looked like it could turn out to be pretty intense:




Damn. This is getting exciting. What of our newest Marvel team members? We’ve all been chomping at the bit to see Black Panther, arguably one of the most badass superheroes ever inked, to come alive.



Wicked! Just what we’re hoping for. And the other man of the hour?


Okay, now the excitement is reaching critical. So many stellar reviews. Was it unanimous?



That sounds like another Thor: The Dark World situation. Marvel seems to be rather hit-or-miss with its villains. They’re either Loki and Ultron or Whiplash and Malekith (one of the most unforgivable wastes of amazing talent–Christopher Eccleston–ever). Still there is more than one villain in this cast-happy fireworks show.

Despite a couple of minor issues, it sounds like Marvel has knocked it out of the park–again.


Captain America: Civil War hits theater May 6. Advanced tickets are on sale now. Suggestion? Buy them if you plan on getting in on the opening weekend. This is going to be a titanic film.

Image via Marvel (Walt Disney Studios)
Tweets via Twitter

  • Lynn

    OK now seriously looking 4ward to this. Happy that Spidey is a good part. Is it May yet???

    • KryptoTSD

      Nope. Not for three more weeks…