It’s not President Barack Obama, but Matthew Ellis, who is in the White House in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You’d think he’d play a key role in deciding how superheroes should be handled. With Captain America: Civil War almost here, Marvel’s latest viral video asks him for his thoughts on the Avengers.

William Sadler played President Ellis in Iron Man 3, and the character was name-dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He’s recently made a few appearances on Agents of SHIELD, and his latest turn as the character has come in a new viral video. The newest upload to the WHIH YouTube Channel sees Ellis meet another character from the Iron Man franchise, Christine Everhart.



The video features plenty of set up for Captain America: Civil War. For example, it explains the reintroduction of General Ross into the MCU, eight years after he appeared in The Incredible Hulk. The report also looks back over major disasters from former films, just as we’ve seen in previous trailers for Marvel’s latest release.

Sadler’s president acts like a typical politician, dodging questions and never really getting off the fence. Should you be bored by the political talk, there’s plenty more within this video for fans to enjoy. All of these viral reports have included Easter eggs, but this latest one might be the most packed yet.

Keep an eye on the news ticker; Stephen Strange is a name among others mentioned within it. An upcoming interview with the future Sorcerer Supreme, who is still a surgeon at this point, is teased. More is to come with his origin story later this year, once Doctor Strange hits theaters in November.

Following Avengers: Age of Ultron, the world has held a fundraising concert for Sovokia. They’ve also been on the lookout for a certain Bruce Banner, who is still missing. An attack on the ATCU, a government agency introduced in Agents of SHIELD, also gets a mention.

These teases from Marvel have been pretty entertaining, but they’re likely to end soon. With Captain America: Civil War about to his US theatres, and already showing around the world, this could well be their last marketing push.


Image via Marvel