In the latest trailer, “Guerrilla Warfare 101,” developer Dambuster Studios gives players a look at the weaponry and tactical options that will be at their disposal in Homefront: The Revolution.

[youtube id=”ANmRo5JeR6Q”]

The game is set in 2029, in the state of Philadelphia, after the events of Homefront, where the Greater Korean Republic is looking to expand its national takeover of America. Philadelphia citizens live in a police state closely watched by surveillance drones and armored patrols. Some citizens are choosing to fight back and retake their home from its invaders; this is how the player factors in. The game follows the player character, a resistance fighter, in an open world, first-person shooter where guerrilla warfare is more than a tactic.

Homefront: The Revolution launches on PS4, PC, and Xbox One on May 20.


Image: Deep Silver