Marvel has released an extended TV spot for Captain America: Civil War, which heads right back to the 1940s. The video includes plenty of footage from previous films that helps set the stage for Civil War.



Marvel takes us back to the origins of both Captain America and Iron Man. Using scenes from previous MCU films, we see them become heroes, meet each other and struggle with tension. While many fans will need little reminding about what has gone on in the MCU until now, the clips make this much more epic.

As Marvel markets Civil War, they’re clearly going in a different direction than Warner Bros. did with Batman v Superman. Instead of asking who will win, Marvel wants to show the history these two characters have shared. After eight years of films, this is a fight that fans will be truly invested in.

What did you think of the new TV spot? Have you reached your fill of glimpses of this film, or are you still dying to see more? We don’t have too long to wait with Civil War now just weeks from release on May 6.


Image via Marvel