While the big Star Wars news right now is the release of Rogue One‘s teaser trailer, Marvel had another gift this week: the first issue of its Poe Dameron series. This is the first ongoing series set during the time around The Force Awakens (TFA) and will help ease director J.J. Abrams’ burden when it comes to answering questions about the movie.

Written by Charles Soule (Marvel’s Lando and Obi-Wan & Anakin mini-series) with art by Phil Noto (who recently did art for Chewbacca), the series follows everyone’s favorite new pilot from TFA. The first story, Black Squadron, will explain the events directly before TFA, where Poe (portrayed onscreen by Oscar Isaac) is on the search for Lor San Tekka (portrayed by Max Von Sydow). General Leia Organa picks him to lead the mission because he’s the best pilot in the Resistance, and she knows he can keep the mission’s true goal: to get Tekka’s help to find Luke Skywalker – a secret. Hopefully, future stories in the series will explain how Poe got his sterling reputation.

In issue 1, Poe heads to Tekka’s last known location, but unfortunately, he’s too late. All he finds are a group of people Tekka helped and the First Order could put their lives in danger. Poe, BB-8 and other members of Black Squadron will have to stop the First Order. We know the journey will lead them to Jakku, but how did they get there?

The issue also includes a fun backstory called “SaBBotage” by Chris Eliopoulos and Jordie Bellaire that stars BB-8.

You can get Poe Dameron #1 at your local comic shop now.


Cover: art by Phil Noto/Marvel