Remember being humiliated by your opponent’s superior skill via quick Brutality or Fatality inputs at a¬†Mortal Kombat cabinet? You’ll be happy to know the creative minds over at Real Art have upped the humiliation factor exponentially.

Real Art gave this War of the Currents arcade machine an extra sting. Player’s use their character’s, Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison, “special charged move to shock their opponents through the game’s joysticks.”




The arcade machine was first showcased last week at SXSW in Austin, but by the end of this week, it will¬†have its permanent home in Dayton, Ohio’s Proto BuildBar. There, the public will have the opportunity to drop in and give the machine a go.


war of the currents cabinet


While the hand-to-hand combat simulation¬†doesn’t do much for the Tesla-deserves-the-praise debate, the cabinet has been fitted with two unique conductive metal joysticks that deliver the shock. If anything, players will be able to settle the debate for themselves. Make Tesla proud.


Tesla and TE

Ready, Set, Duel!


Such a clever, and potentially painful, idea.


Source and Images: Proto BuildBar via Gizmodo