On Change.Org, a fan by the name of ‘Bruce Wayne’ has launched a petition that aims to have Zack Snyder’s ultimate cut of the film, which includes the R-rated version, given a theatrical release. Petitioning Regal Entertainment Group, Warner Bros., and AMC Theaters, the fan and the 1,610 supporters who have signed hope the extended content, 30 minutes in length, will be released to the masses, prior to the Ultimate Cut’s July 16th release on Blu-ray.

What does that mean, for now? Not much, honestly. Batman v Superman had a record breaking opening, which made  it the fourth largest worldwide opening in cinema history. Despite the theories of some critics positing the film wouldn’t “have legs,” it grossed half a billion dollars in only five days. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a money making decision by any stretch of the imagination. In addition, there seems to be no precedent for a film with a PG-13 rating getting an R-rated theatrical release. However, Warner Bros. isn’t exactly jiving with the status quo on all fronts… BvS certainly does not meet the status quo. If the company’s posting of this deleted scene on YouTube four days after release is any indication, we’re dealing with a team of people pushing forward at their own pace and creating by their own rules.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters worldwide and the Ultimate Cut hits store shelves on July 16th.


Image: Warner Bros.