There is nothing worse than when a great TV show gets cancelled far too soon. DC‘s animated series Young Justice, which focussed on the Justice League’s youthful sidekicks like Robin, Superboy and Aqualad, was one of those. The fan-acclaimed show ran for just two seasons before Cartoon Network pulled the plug.

Now, three years on from the show’s end, fans have launched a petition on IPetitions that calls for the series to return as a comic book, with the show’s creators Christopher Jones and Greg Weisman brought on board to write it. So far the petition has an impressive 2,456 signatures.

This isn’t the only plan to revive Young Justice in the works, however. Last month, Netflix was rumored to have been thinking of taking up the series for a third season, an idea that Jones, Weisman and the rest of the show’s team were very excited about. Nothing official has turned up about this, though, so a comic book revival might be the best bet right now.

Image via Warner Bros.