Doctor Who fans had been (sadly) expecting incumbent Time Lord Peter Capaldi to step down from the role when current showrunner Steven Moffat leaves the show after the series’ next run, coming in 2017.

However, he has now revealed that he has been asked to stay on, under the guidance of new exec producer Chris Chibnall. Speaking to Radio Times, he said:

“I’ve been asked to stay on, but it’s such a long time before I have to make that decision. Steven’s been absolutely wonderful, so I love working with him. Chris is fantastic, and I think he’s a hugely talented guy.”

While that seems hopeful, it does sound like the actor is in two minds about staying, as he also said:

“I don’t know where the show’s gonna go then. I don’t know. I have to make up my mind, and I haven’t yet. As Steven will tell you, it’s very difficult to say goodbye.”

So, though there is still a big chance he might stay, it looks like we’ll first have to play the waiting game to see if we’ll next be playing the regenerating game…


Image via BBC