Nintendo has officially announced that their latest console, codenamed NX, will launch internationally in March of 2017. The company also clarified the NX title was the codename only; the console is still without an official name.

In a financial earnings release, the publisher stated following: “For our dedicated video game platform business, Nintendo is currently developing a gaming platform codenamed ‘NX’ with a brand-new concept. NX will be launched in March 2017 globally.”

There’s still mystery surrounding the console and its impending launch; for one, it’s not exactly clear what it will be. Rumors suggest a home console/portable hybrid and others posit it has the potential of being more powerful than the PlayStation 4. When asked by Japanese paper Nikkei about the kind of game machine audiences should expect, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima said they aren’t ready to share any information just yet. “At this current stage, I’m not able to say. However, it’s not merely the successor to the handheld 3DS or stationary console Wii U. This will be hardware that’s been made with a new way of thinking. I’d like to announce more particulars regarding its specs and how it works another time this year.”

That time won’t be E3, according to a¬†Wall Street Journal¬†reporter, Takashi Mochizuki, who¬†attended the company’s Osaka financial briefing.



Games are also a big concern Nintendo is willing to address at launch with a strong line-up. When Nikkei inquired as to why the company chose to avoid launching the NX ahead of the holiday season, Kimishima cited games as the lead reason. They wanted to be certain the console would arrive with plenty of titles to back it up, which would explain the focus on Zelda at E3. The game, originally slated for a 2015 release, is now scheduled to release in 2017 for both the Wii U and the NX.



Image: Nintendo