DO NOT read any further if you have yet to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.



At the beginning of¬†Batman v Superman¬†we are introduced directly to ground level of the destruction of Metropolis, via Superman¬†vs. Zod. Remember from¬†Man of Steel¬†this is not long before the end of Zod’s storyline,¬†alive. Halfway through BvS,¬†Lex Luthor nabs Zod’s body, tosses him into a¬†murky liquid that appears to be used Krypton mouthwash, badabingbadaboom, out pops Doomsday.

If at this point you happen to be mad because we just revealed a major plot point, please refer to the first sentence.



So how did Warner Bros. make the eerily realistic body of Zod?

The special effects company Amalgamated Dynamics (ADI) posted a video to their YouTube channel explaining how Zod’s body was created for the movie.

[youtube id=”QdRTQDXxdYY” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” grow=”yes”]

‚ÄúFor the blockbuster BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, ADI created two ultra-realistic replicas of the deceased General Zod that would withstand close scrutiny by a camera lense. Fitness trainer Greg Plitt came to ADI for us to lifecast his body from the neck down while our colleague Barney Burman loaned us a headcast of actor Michael Shannon. Once the Shannon headcast was copied both the head and body were run in silicone with a polyfoam fill to make them solid. Tony Matijevich, Brian Clawson, and Tim Leach created both Zod bodies; Denise Baer punched hair; Mike Larrabee painted both Zods. Before the release of the film, Body-Double Greg Plitt passed away. This video is dedicated to his memory.‚ÄĚ

Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice is out in theaters.

  • Peter L Smith

    I just witnessed the future of fx makeup effects. Your work, passion, and simple tenacity in that you all “Refuse to let any little bit of your effort(s) big or minuscule suck!” I am a very inspired future film director/producer!

    Incredible Work!

    Peter L Smith
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