In order to save them, they must battle them.


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Warner Bros.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans, though the name itself gives away there’s a big showdown between iconic heroes, will still largely revolve around the relationship between Damian (Robin) and Bruce Wayne, and Damian’s innate ability to cause problems. (Though we can’t entirely blame the boy, he is after all, the son of Batman.) Bruce, concerned because of his son’s behavior, sends him to join the Titans (superhero timeout) until he can learn his lesson. Demoting Damian from the Justice League brings more trouble than planned, add into the mix a recently escaped demon, Trigon, who gains control over the Justice League, and the scene is set for the showdown.

“I thought it as an opportunity, to have a Robin who was a handful and different than the Burt Ward/Dick Grayson version. And, also, he’s Batman’s son, which makes it a whole different thing. The minute I knew we were gonna do Damian, my mind immediately jumped forward to the Teen Titans. The comics hadn’t done that, which I didn’t understand because he was such a big popular Robin at the time. I thought, ‘He shakes things up, and the Teen Titans could use a little shaking up.” – Producer James Tucker

Though the Titans appear to have the losing hand, they’re fighting not only a demon but the Justice League, we still expect all to end well.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray, April 12.