The Flash is currently on a short break, but it looks like things will take a big twist when The CW show returns. In new stills from the next episode, it seems like there’s going to be quite a bit for Barry Allen and the team to deal with. These pictures can be considered spoilers, so read on at your own risk.


These photos, posted on Comic Book Resources, show that things are going to change in a big way for Barry Allen. The next episode of the show, titled Versus Zoom, sees Barry trying to get one over this season’s big bad. According to the episode’s description, he’s looking to go after the demonic speedster, but it seems like that plan won’t work out too well.


The Flash CW

Images via The CW


The Flash S2 E18


As the above photos show, Zoom has taken Wally West hostage. After going missing for a few episodes, it seems like Jay Garrick will be returning to Central City in a big way. What’s even more interesting is the picture that follows, as it seems like Wally is about to play a much bigger role in the show going forward.


The Flash S2 E18


Wally is standing in front of the Scarlet Speedster, who has his mask down. Iris’ brother is going to be the latest character to learn Barry’s secret. Just how will this complicate things going forward, and how did Wally get involved in the first place?

Now that he’s thrown in to the speedster world, we could be seeing Wally taking his first steps towards gaining powers of his own. In the comics, he too once held the Flash mantle. Of course, since it’s The Flash, Barry could end up going back in time and changing this scenario completely. Assuming it sticks, how do you feel about this latest twist?