According to IGN, a Reddit user has discovered a new visual cue in the game Punch-Out!! for the Nintendo Entertainment System, which makes both Piston Honda and Bald Bull easier to defeat. Reddit user midwesternhousewives posted a video detailing what it is and how to use it to your advantage.



During the second fights against both Piston Honda and Bald Bull, a face in the crowd will appear to duck. If you punch while the face ducks, Little Mac will knock down both opponents instantaneously.

However this is actually not a new discovery. Brandon Flakes, a GameFaqs discussion board user, posted this comment in response to someone having trouble beating Bald Bull in the thread several months ago:


Punch outBrandonflakes




The strategy to mastering Punch Out!! largely relies on learning your opponent’s visual cues during the fight to time your punch combinations perfectly. This new cue is a game-changer, though. Whoever thought to watch the background? From now on, it might be best to consider the broader picture.

Click here to download Punch-Out!! for your Nintendo 3DS and try the trick out for yourself.

What do you think of the new(ish) discovery? What other classic games do you think we still have much more to learn about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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