Over 20 years ago the original Doom was released. That game has long been considered by some the unholy grail of first person shooters. Since then Doom has had sequels and remakes, as well as blood relatives in Quake and Rage. It led the way for Call of Duty and Halo. If we have to explain to you what Doom or a first person shooter is, or how any of those other words can be in a sentence together and still make sense, then you probably want to stop reading now.

If you’re still reading then you likely already know on May 13 Bethesda Software is releasing the latest iteration of DOOM on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This time it’s another remake, much like 2004’s Doom 3.


SPOILER ALERT - You might get your head ripped off.

SPOILER ALERT – You might get your head ripped off.


Recently there was an open beta of the multiplayer version of the game. Over the past day we’ve gotten a couple of views of the single player campaign. The first was a leaked clip on Reddit but has since been removed at the publisher’s request.

The second peek came as a Twitch live stream from Bethesda. This was a view of live gameplay with explanations of exactly what sort of creepy ultra-violence we were witnessing, led by DOOM creative artist Hugo Martin and narrated by executive producer Marty Stratton. So what kind of game is this?

“It’s a lot of shooting demons in hell,” stated Stratton.

Yeah, it’s more of the same, but that’s what DOOM players want, isn’t it? You’re still not able to reload your weapon, but the gameplay has moved forward since 1993. There are pinkies, hell knights and imps to kill, in addition to executions (a.k.a glory kills) and a codex to help explain what you’re doing. Additionally, this game has something called ‘jumping,’ which you can oddly do without a rocket launcher.


Dare you to say Cyber-Mancubus ten times fast without giggling.

Dare you to say Cyber-Mancubus ten times fast without giggling.


Runes, another new feature, are mods that can be equipped and earned through challenges. There are also slayer testaments that help go into the campaign’s story. Yes, on top of jumping, this DOOM actually has a plot and characters. That might be more shocking than having a baron sneak up on you.

Probably the most interesting improvement is ultra-nightmare mode, which enables playing through the game at the highest difficulty yet without dying and losing your progress. If that sounds like no big deal keep in mind that, during the live stream, we were told that no one at Bethesda has been able to finish the game in that mode yet.




DOOM aficionados, grab your chainsaw again for the first time starting May 13th.


Images: Bethesda Softworks