Have modders taken it a step too far? Some would nod in agreement. Others would say, “no, this is hilarious, give me more!” Watch the video below and see which camp you side with.


[youtube id=”YL3qJc1-SiE”]


How long did you last before laughing at the utter ridiculousness that is the NBA’s biggest stars showcasing their new-found moves? Let’s be serious for a moment, they don’t have ankles or hips, and yet they still move with the smoothness they would driving through the paint. How is that possible? Who came up with this brilliant idea and why did it take so long to come to fruition?



Steph Curry NBA dancing

And we thought Curry’s jump shot was flawless


MKElite took basketball mods to the next level with this one, but one question arises while watching. The non-hips thing… does that mean these guys have invisible crotches? Maybe the game itself has it coded that way and what we see when playing is their shorts covering the invisibility. Or perhaps, we’re dealing with a Geralt situation gone even more horribly south.


Top Image: 2K