The new and improved Schmoes Know Show kicked off ‘Phase six‘ on Thursday, 10 March¬†with its creators Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis. Accompanying the return of the internet famed Schmoes is the Ultimate Schmoedown; a competition that tests the movie knowledge of contestants through various exploiting rounds (usually) in tag-team fashion. The first competitors set to compete on the latest Schmoedown are Dan Murrell of Screen Junkies and Jon Campea of The Jon Campea Podcast. But, Campea stoked the fire after releasing this video calling out the ‘Movie Fights’ champion!


Those are fighting words, Mr. Campea! The trash talk did not stop there. In fact, Dan ‘The Champ’ Murrell gave Campea his own retort.


Oh my goodness!!!! This appears to be the most passive aggressive match-up since¬†Mean Girls. To add to the intensity, even the fans are torn. The Schmoes released a poll on Twitter asking the fans who they think would win, but the results were not conclusive…

This might be the best pairing in the history of the Ultimate Schmoedown. It’s important to note, last year’s Ultimate Schmoedown never concluded. Both Harloff and Ellis got caught up in other obligations. The long awaited return of the Schmoedown adds to the hype. The Ultimate Schmoedown premieres Friday, 25 March on the Schmoes Know YouTube channel.

via Grantland