Grant Morrison, best known for his Batman run, has taken on another character in DC’s Trinity — Wonder Woman. Changes to the character and lore were met with backlash and criticism, that the acclaimed writer had to address, but he’s already planning on working on the book’s sequels.

In an interview with Publisher’s Weekly discussing Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 1, which released earlier this month, Morrison revealed that he and artist Yanick Paquette are already making progress on the second volume. He expressed wanting to craft a trilogy, but perhaps the sequels will be approached a bit differently. Speaking on Queen Hippolyta, Diana’s mother, Morrison stated, “She’s my favorite character. I’m onto the second book, and she’s the one I’m more interested in. “

In addition to Hippolyta possibly getting more attention, so too may queer and trans discussion have an influence on the next two volumes in the series. “I hope to [bring some of that in]. The first one set things up.” Morrison’s desire to add more culturally hot topic issues to the work is also extended to feminist critique, something heavily involved in Wonder Woman’s earlier days when William Moulton Marston created the character. “Unlike Superman or Batman, where other people seem to be able to write the character, once Marston stopped, [Wonder Woman] lost a kind of charge. I’m convinced that it lost the sense of alternative culture, queer culture, polyamorous culture, and early feminism. No one was able to do that again.”


Wonder Woman Earth One page


Though these changes may result in backlash as well, it’s intriguing and refreshing to see the character being approached differently. Wonder Woman has always been relevant, but as Morrison discussed, writers have not had success with keeping her interesting. He’s certainly changed that and will hopefully continue to do so in the sequels to come.


Images: DC