Today is Alien Day. April 26th is a nod to LV-426, the planet from both the first Alien movie and its sequel, Aliens. That means not only a theatrical showing of the films but swag that can be bought to show your xenomorph love.

Of all the stuff you can buy to commemorate Alien Day, it appears Mondo has what could be the winner, if there was such a contest for these things. Any store can sell action figures and posters to mark the occasion. Some could even sell shoes. Mondo has upped the ante selling knitted goods and vinyl records.

Let’s start with the stuff for either the hipster with a love of vinyl or the old person who misses using it. The Prometheus and Aliens soundtracks are available in limited editions for order on the site. We could go on about the score and who wrote it but let’s be honest; if you want to know and care about the actual music you are already enough of a nerd for it to know all that, so onto the pretty cover art instead.




The Prometheus soundtrack even comes with some gorgeous white vinyl LP with grey splatter that is limited to 1000 copies.


The grey splatter really adds to the sound

The grey splatter really adds to the sound.


It’s the limited vinyl for the Aliens soundtrack that is really the piece of resistance. It’s clear, allowing us to see its green xenomorph blood filling.


How does this even actually work?

How does this even actually work?


To get this vinyl masterpiece there is a catch. You have to go to the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for their showing of Alien and Aliens today and be ready to hand out $225 for one of the 75 limited pressings.


If those didn’t make you feel either old or hipster enough then might we show you some knit goods?


You got red on you.


There’s nothing that says, “Man, do I love a Ridley Scott/James Cameron movie series,” like an ugly sweater. Mondo has two for sale: the chestburster and the plain, old ugly variety.




And if that’s not enough warm, Alien goodness for you then maybe a facehugger ski mask is what you need.




If you say you’re a fan of the Aliens movies, and that’s not worth $30 to you, then you might want to rethink your priorities.


Images via Mondo