If strapping a cell phone to your head for the optimal gaming experience sounds like a fun time then we have some good news just for you.

Microsoft announced yesterday at the Game Developer’s Conference that not only will Minecraft work with Oculus Rift virtual reality but also Samsung’s more accessible GearVR. Minecraft in VR was announced last year at E3 for Microsoft’s own Hololens VR system and was warmly welcomed.

It appears now Microsoft is trying to make the block building survival game it purchased the rights to a couple of years ago more accessible. Newer Samsung devices are simply put into the GearVR headset then strapped to the head of the user to create a virtual reality experience that costs 1/20th of the price of Oculus Rift devices.

We should also note Samsung run on the Android mobile platform and not Microsoft’s own underperforming Windows Mobile platform, which currently has no plans for VR.

(Source: MSPoweruser)