During Saturday’s Women of Marvel panel at C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) Marvel announced that it will introduce a Mighty Men of Marvel variant series of covers this July. The series of variants follows Marvel’s Women of Marvel that released earlier this month.

The series, featuring a lot of bare chests to be honest, puts Marvel’s most recognizable male superheroes front and center.


deadpool, wade wilson, deadpool #15, variants, otto schmidt

Deadpool #15 (Otto Schmidt)


loki, might thor #9, variants, david lopez

Mighty Thor #9 (David Lopez)


iron man, tony stark, invincible iron man #11, dale keown

Invincible Iron Man #11 (Dale Keown)


doctor strange, variant, doctor strange #19, erica henderson

Doctor Strange #19 (Erica Henderson)


Some of these covers display our heroes in a slightly different light than we’re used to. Deadpool has brought his best Magic Mike to the game (okay, that’s not necessarily out of the ordinary). Some, Iron Man’s and Spider-Man’s for example, seem to be pushing the ‘sex sells’ mantra as well. Dare we call it objectification? What would be the response if similar poses were introduced in the Women of Marvel variants? Granted, heroines and villainesses have been suffering objectification since the dawn of comic time, but in 2016 it seems an odd move for Marvel to make with either gender.

There will be 20 variants in all and you can view a gallery of 16 of them here.

Images & story via Marvel, Comic Book Resources