Midnight Special is a sci-fi/chase movie that was released in theaters today. Written and directed by relative newcomer Jeff Nichols, it is a story of a boy’s kidnapping that leads to, well, twists and turns. That is about all that can be said about this movie without spoiling too much of it.

Let’s be honest, part of the mystery of this movie is where it came from. Not much press or advertising has been done for it, but it is getting strong, positive reviews. In his review for NPR, Kenneth Turan describes as “a film you want to discover. You don’t want to give to much away too much about it.”


The film stars Michael Shannon, Kirsten Dunst, and Adam Driver, with Jaeden Lieberher as Alton as a boy with goggles. Why is he wearing goggles? Explaining that gives away too much. Forget we even mentioned goggles. It’s for your own good.

Midnight Special is rated PG-13 and in theaters now.

Images: The Midnight Special Official Website
Source: NPR