Michael Shannon, General Zod in Man of Steel, is currently on a press tour for his Midnight Special film. Of course, with that comes questions regarding Batman v Superman and the negative reviews it has garnered. Despite this, Shannon had nothing but great things to say in support of Snyder’s capabilities as a visionary.


I have a ton of respect for Zack Snyder. I loved working with him on Man of Steel. I think his films have their own unique style and he’s very authentically drawn to that. It’s not like he makes these movies, but secretly wishes he was doing something else. It’s what he wants to do. It’s valid.”


This seems to hold true for all of Snyder’s films. The look of his work is easily spotted and no one can direct an action sequence quite like he can. However, many fans agree he probably isn’t the best storyteller for the job. In fact, some have gone as far as to create an online petition to get the director “booted” out of the DCEU. Michael Shannon might disagree as he applauds the director’s take on Superman’s planet, Krypton.


“When we were making Man of Steel, I really appreciated the story; it’s about a civilization that destroys their own planet. I’m like ‘well, that’s relevant.’ So what, the planet’s called Krypton? It’s still relevant.”


Anyone else have an a-ha moment reading that? It makes sense. Shannon is right. Snyder does love this universe; he’s clearly passionate about it. Whether he’s the man for the job or not, that point cannot be denied.

Batman v Superman is in theaters now. On April 11, the Snyder-directed and Chris Terrio-penned Justice League: Part One will begin shooting.


Image: Warner Bros. 

Source: Comicbook.com

  • Mere Indevisual

    With regards to BvS, with enough time, everyone will realize the critics just jumped on a hate bandwagon. Professionals understand the skill of Snyder and his dedication to the craft.