In an interview with E!, former Gilmore Girls star Melissa McCarthy expressed her excitement of the upcoming Netflix revival of the show, despite not being involved.

“I’m actually thrilled that it’s happening,” she told E! “I loved that show, and I think the fans for that show are super loyal and great and I will watch every single one of them.”

When asked if there was any chance of her appearing in the revival, McCarthy replied with with her lack of knowledge if it will actually happen.

“I don’t think I am,” McCarthy, said. “I didn’t actually get asked to do it. But I think they thought I was busy, and then by the time it did come up, then I actually was.”

Hopefully she has some role, as the show is not finished filming yet.

If not…


Gilmore Girls is set to premiere on Netflix later this year.

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Source: E!
Images via CW