It’s been four years since Tom Hiddleston donned his mischievous green to bring his iconic Loki to the big screen in Thor: The Dark World. In June he will do it once more for the third installment in the Thor franchise as filming begins for Thor: Ragnarok.


loki, tom hiddleston, thor, ragnarok, avengers

Somewhere a zillion Hiddlestoners are getting frisky.


While this is likely Thor’s last solo film, does this mean it’s the last time we’ll see Loki altogether? Well, that’s a tricky question. Up till now it’s been widely thought that Loki would be included in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2, but that might not be the case according to Hiddleston.


loki, tom hiddleston, thor, ragnarok, avengers


In a recent interview with The Daily Beast discussing the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok and what he has to look forward to with it, Hiddleston stated, “Thor 3 will be cool because I’ve not done it for four years. I love working with Chris [Hemsworth]. This will be my last time out of the gate.”


loki, tom hiddleston, thor, ragnarok, avengers


Being pressed to explain whether this means he’ll not be included in Avengers: Infinity War, Hiddleston added, ““I don’t know! Honestly, I don’t know. They haven’t got their ducks in a row yet. They make it up as they go along.”

The question is, how big of a grain of salt do we take this with? Though not a definitive clue into an actor’s tenure with Marvel, Hiddleston was signed to a six-picture contract with the studio, the same as costars Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo. To date Hiddleston has satisfied only three of those (Thor, The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World–his deleted cameo in Avengers: Age of Ultron doesn’t count towards that quota). A credited appearance in both Infinity War films, following Ragnarok, would satisfy that deal.

Unfortunately this formula doesn’t leave room for a solo Loki film, as many fans are still holding out hope for, but then nothing in Marvel, especially the demise of Loki, is ever written in stone.


loki, tom hiddleston, thor, ragnarok, avengers


Thor: Ragnarok is set for release November 3, 2017 while Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 hits theaters May 4, 2018.


Images via Marvel (Walt Disney Studios), Starz Media

  • Erin

    I’ll probably be pretty hesitant to see Infinity Wars right away if they write out Loki. I’ll see it eventually but they won’t get box sales from me if my favorite character isn’t in it.

  • Jack

    Marvel’s dumb if they don’t put him in Infinity War. I don’t see how they can avoid it.

  • Hannah

    This makes me so sad! The very thought that Tom is being left out of the loop. Loki is such a vital character, not only to the franchise (he is the most fleshed-out, nuanced character in the entire universe to-date), but also to the concluding arc of the story. He needs to be the catalyst for the final showdown, being the only “Avengers” character who knows Thanos’ secrets, and the only guy who would unpredictably (yet predictably) lay down himself just to take the Mad Titan down. How cool would it be to have Loki come full circle, in the end? How cool would it be to have Loki’s sacrifice perhaps not be enough…so Thor or Odin take Loki’s place?

    Whatever way it’s done, Loki NEEDS to be in Infinity Wars. And Marvel needs to start including Tom in these conversations about ending character arcs. Because I’m sure Tom’s input is invaluable.