It seems Loki hasn’t been resting on his laurels during his downtime ruling Asgard disguised as Odin. He may have found a new calling here in Midgard if that whole obsession-to-be-king career doesn’t pan out.

Chicago’s FOX 32 took full advantage of Tom Hiddleston’s visit yesterday, during which he discussed his latest movie I Saw the Light with film critic Richard Roeper. Meteorologist Mike Caplan called upon the God of Mischief by name to explain a sudden outbreak of storms in the area, and Loki was only too happy to oblige with some improvised accusations against his brother Thor, God of Thunder.


[youtube id=”1EBwfGdac7s” autoplay=”no”]


Blaming Thor for thunderstorms is all well and good, but we know where to point our fingers when winter bitch-slaps the Midwest.


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Image via Marvel (Walt Disney Studios)


Hiddleston rarely turns down an opportunity to strut his Loki side and has been known to bring him out at the drop of a hat to please his multitudes of adoring fans (e.g. his surprise onstage appearance in full character during San Diego Comic Con in July 2013). It’s hard to hate a guy who loves his character as much as fans do.

Hiddleston can be seen in three new projects over the next few weeks before filming commences in June for Thor: RagnarokI Saw the Light, a Hank Williams biopic co-starring fellow Marvel alum Elizabeth Olsen, just released in theaters today while The Night Manager, the highly acclaimed BBC spy-thriller series co-starring Hugh Laurie, premiered in the UK last month and will premiere in the US on AMC April 19. Hiddleston can also be seen as the lead in Ben Wheatley’s High Rise, a dark sci-fi fantasy based on the novel by  J. G. Ballard alongside Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller and Luke Evans in theaters May 13.

Thor: Ragnarok is set for release November 3, 2017.