The remake of Logan’s Run is on again. Deadline reports Warner Bros. is having Ryan Condal, the showrunner and co-creator for the show Colony, write the script. No, this isn’t a Marvel spin off where underdog marathoner Wolverine trains for the latest jogging event. That would be way too much to ask for.

Logan’s Run was a novel that tells the story of a future where people live in a domed paradise, where people are euthanized at the age of 21 as a form of population control. Anyone who decides not to be put down is considered a runner and chased by special police called sandmen. The main character is Logan and he is one of those sandmen who decides to run himself, hence the title.

Not doomed. Domed.

Not doomed. Domed.

1976 saw a film version of the book starring Michael York (Basil Exposition from the Austin Powers movies) that showcased quite a dated view of said future. Think lots of track suits and things wrapped in aluminum foil. Try not to think of Farrah Fawcett as Holly 13 in the movie, because the whole scene was just too weird and disco. The movie went on to have a spin off TV show that didn’t really go anywhere. It too was vision of tomorrow. If tomorrow was a mirror ball version of Epcot Center.

Producer Joel Silver (producer of such films as Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Lethal Weapon) has been trying to get this remake started for nearly two decades with many writers and even more zany ideas attached to it. Most recently, Logan would have a been a woman looking to extend her life on the run from what we can only assume is a less of a version that you would need bell bottomed pants for than previous movie’s take on the future.

We’re not exactly sure what Silver sees in the idea of a new version of this, but with Condal as the writer we may get something closer to the dystopian future that is on USA‘s Colony than a world that looks like this:

Ah, 70's future. So refreshing.

Ah, 70’s future. So refreshing.

Another dystopian future? How many of these to we get to see? Seems at least three dystopias a year now in theaters. At least it’s good to know that dystopian production values are getting better than they were 40 years ago. No word yet on a release date or if this Logan’s Run will actually take flight but at least there’s still hope.

Image: United Artists