It has been nearly a month since that fatal scene in The Walking Dead’s Season 6 finale. Many are still upset, some have moved on, and others never gave a damn. But YouTube user kristo499 cared enough to recreate the season’s tense final moments in stop-motion animation using LEGO. The result is nothing short of fantastic, especially since kristo499 was also able to capture the ambiguity of the victim’s first-person death scene.


[youtube id=”K6P1X2AFz_c”]


LEGO Negan’s taunting is just as eerie as watching Jeffrey Dean Morgain in live action. Each character seems well represented, including the barbed wire wound baseball bat, Lucille, that for some reason is a tad more ominous in this animated recreation. Also, the little surprise at the end makes the video worth the watching.

Here’s the original scene for comparison:


[youtube id=”CBnmjcOdIvI”]


Tell us what you think in the comments below. Did the video cheer you up a bit and decrease some of that disappointment that’s still gnawing at you? Season 7 of The Walking Dead will begin airing this fall on AMC.


Image: AMC