A new clip from the upcoming sci-fi dystopian film High Rise has landed online, thanks to The Nerdist, giving us a look at Dr. Robert Laing (Tom Hiddleston) as he sees the idyllic rooftop garden of the titular building for the first time. After spotting something very odd he happens upon a small structure where the building’s brilliant and eccentric architect, Anthony Royal (Jeremy Irons), discusses his work and motivation with Laing.


[iframe id=”http://nerdist.com/embed/?pid=396059&vid=4866722361001″]


High Rise, directed by Ben Wheatley, focuses on Laing as he moves into the elite yet mysterious building. The longer he’s there the more oddities present themselves and unfold. At first the building seems like the quintessential lap of luxury, with every modern convenience at the tenants’ fingertips. In fact, one need never leave really. However all isn’t what it seems as the building’s population slowly descends into the basest human urges including violence, depravity and general insanity. The film is based on the 1970s novel of the same name by J.G. Ballard.


Luke Evans sideburns in High Rise

We’re going to blame all the craziness on Luke Evans’ hair and inconceivable mutton chops.


Reception to the High Rise has varied greatly. Some have praised it as visionary with great unexpected humor and a solid cast. Others have aggressively slammed the film calling it pretentious, chaotic and dull with reports of some audience members walking out. These seem like the perfect ingredients for a cult film.

The film also stars Sienna Miller, Luke Evans, James Purefoy and Elizabeth Moss. Though High Rise will release in US theaters May 13, it will be available digitally via iTunes, Google PlayAmazon Prime, Vudu and other VOD services.