Rejoice, Spidey fans! This week has been chock full of exciting new information — critics are praising his role in Captain America: Civil War, and the title and logo for his solo film has finally graced the interwebs. But apparently, that’s not all, folks.

Deadline reports our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will be joined on screen by another masked hero. Batman actor, Michael Keaton is allegedly in talks to play an unspecified villain in Spider-Man: Homecoming. That’s right, people, while Batman and Superman duked it out last month, to be followed by Captain America and Iron Man at each other’s throats in a few weeks, a far more epic match may possibly be in the cards over at Marvel and Sony.



Courtesy of Sony Pictures


According to Deadline, both companies declined to comment on the speculation when reached for confirmation. If the report is true, this will be Keaton’s first return to the big screen as a comic character since Burton’s 1992 sequel, Batman Returns. Unless, of course, Birdman is considered, which it certainly should be.

Details are abundantly scarce on what’s to be expected of the film, so for now any guesses as to who Keaton may or may not be cast as is purely speculation. Tell us your theories in the comments below. Which of Spider-Man’s rogues do you think he’s being eyed for?


Top Image via Ricardo DeAratanha/LA Times