Over the weekend, it was reported that Arrow’s Katie Cassidy, aka the Black Canary, would guest star on The Flash’s penultimate episode this season. However, instead of donning her Black Canary garb, she will feature as an Earth 2 character, Black Siren. The Golden Age version of the Black Canary, Black Siren, is Dinah Drake, mother to the second Black Canary, Dinah Laurel Lance.

Thanks to @Diva_Jong on Twitter, there’s now video of the actress on set of the Scarlett Speedster’s show. The footage of Katie Cassidy as the Black Siren below is isn’t much, but it’s still pretty cool on so many levels.



[youtube id=”aajwM5Z4S48″]


[youtube id=”FRn98cKS5Zw”]


It has yet to be revealed how Cassidy’s Earth 2 Black Siren will come into play on episode 22 of The Flash. Whether she will be a villain, like most other Earth 2 characters, or a hero, remains to be seen. The episode in question airs May 17 at 8pm EST.


Images: The CW