With so much hope pinned on the next installments in the DC Universe, given the general disappointment surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, most thought the studio would bring in a supervillain for Justice League that could stand up to the mega force of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. It seemed almost guaranteed it would be Darkseid, the tyrannical despot of Apokolips, created by the comic book godfather himself, Jack Kirby.

Unfortunately, as Birth.Movies. Death. has claimed, it ain’t Darkseid. It’s Steppenwolf.

Devin Faraci plainly describes the somewhat less-thrilling villain:

“In the comics Steppenwolf is the uncle of Darkseid and the military leader of Apokolips. He has a cool energy axe and rides an even cooler hoverbike. I assume those elements will not make it through Zack Snyder unscathed. In terms of the coolest characters from the Fourth World books he’s pretty low on totem pole – he was once killed by Clock King, fer chrissakes.”

Don’t discount Darkseid just yet, though. As Faraci reports, he will show up in Justice League just not to a great extent. It’s expected the badass mega-villain will have a much bigger part to play in Justice League Part Two.

We actually just missed seeing Steppenwolf in Batman v Superman. DC, in an attempt to clarify one of many confusing scenes, released a deleted scene ahead of the Blu-ray/DVD to explain Lex Luthor’s rantings a bit more at the end of the film. In the deleted scene entitled Communion, which takes place after the defeat of Doomsday, law enforcement arrives at the downed Kryptonian ship. Luthor is standing chest-deep in Kryptonian fluid and learning all sorts of new information from a pretty menacing looking alien. In the end scene of the theatrical release, Luthor is ranting about evil things coming towards Earth. This deleted scene sheds a bit more light on that premonition while raising even more questions in the process.


[youtube id=”s-MUzvASr8s”]


The problem fans may have with all this news lies in the fact that the DCEU films have been a string of underwhelming. While it looks like Suicide Squad may be able to make up for some of the disappointments, many feel Warner Bros. is blind to the flaws in its formula. It really doesn’t help their case after the critical and popular success of Captain America: Civil War standing in stark (lol) contrast against Batman v Superman. All that being said, it’s a bit surprising that Warner Bros. would prolong Darkseid’s arrival for yet another film. Basically, why put off tomorrow what you can do today?

Still, you never know what may happen. Steppenwolf might actually end up being just the right thorn in the Justice League’s side. We can hope, right?

Justice League is set to hit theaters November 17, 2017.


Images/Video via Warner Bros.