Are you familiar with the often times violent dinosaurs of¬†Jurassic Park? Toss those thoughts aside and embrace their loving nature as this Disney Nature spoof introduces you to a whole new world. A new world of dinosaurs from MashableNature, where you’ll meet Littletail, witness her birth, and follow her journey of discovery.

[youtube id=”hNjX_WX2y8A”]

Done in the style of nature documentaries, such as Disney’s Bears, the team over at Mashable¬†get the tone, the music, and the narration right. Even the “buzz” words common in trailers of this kind are perfect; Littletail will encounter “love,” “danger,” “uncertainty,” “passion,” etc. Yes, dinos feel passion too.

What did you think? Are you sold on compassionate dinosaurs or are The Land Before Time dinos the only ones that melt your heart? Let us know in the comments below.


Image: Universal Pictures