Disney’s The Jungle Book has enjoyed a rather remarkable opening weekend at the box office, and it’s well-deserved. The story is a solid adaptation, the CG is virtually flawless and the voice casting was spot on. They definitely kept the actors in mind when creating the various animal characters. Honestly, it’s hard not to picture Bill Murray’s Nick the Lounge Singer (Saturday Night Live) when Baloo the Bear sings Bare Necessities.

And don’t even get us started on Christopher Walken. It’s almost sad the kids in the audience will (hopefully) have never been exposed to Walken in Pulp Fiction and True Romance because King Louie is all Walken right down to the blue eyes and slick negotiations.


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It was honestly nail-biting wondering if a watch was in King Louie’s temple.


Now if you’re a fan of both Walken and Saturday Night Live you’re in luck (and really who isn’t?). Director Jon Favreau included a cool little Easter egg for us. When Mowgli (incredibly acted by Neel Sethi) is abducted to the temple where King Louie presides, he finds a heap of treasure comprised mostly of ordinary, random items stolen from a nearby human village. Mowgli focuses on one particular piece, a cowbell, the sound of which is what rouses King Louie from his slumber.

If you haven’t made the connection, then watch this legendary SNL clip from April 8, 2000 via Hulu:



Following this skit the phrase more cowbell became a pop culture staple to the point of ridiculous. If you missed it you were either in diapers or a coma during the turn of the century.

The Jungle Book is currently in theaters and likely to be there for some time so if you haven’t had a chance to catch this morsel, go do it. Christopher Walken can next be seen in Nine Lives while Favreau has announced plans for a Jungle Book sequel.


Image via Walt Disney Studios

Video via NBC