Yesterday was DC’s Rebirth event at WonderCon, where they announced their plans for Rebirth, along with the creative teams that would be helming it. During the event, Justice League’s team, which includes Geoff Johns as writer and Jason Fabok as artist, unveiled they will reveal the Clown Prince of Crime’s true identity in Justice League #50.

Madness, right? The clown’s identity has always been a mystery, one even the World’s Greatest Detective could never solve. However, this time Batman has help. Sitting in Metron’s Mobius Chair in Justice League #42, the Bat was granted access to universal knowledge, of course his first request was to learn who had murdered his parents. The name of the crook? Joe Chill. The Detective’s next question was in regards to his greatest foe, the Joker. He got the reply he wanted, but readers did not, since the information was only heard by Batman.

JL 42

“The answer probably won’t be an answer people predict,” Geoff Johns told IGN in an interview. Nor should it be, but the real question is do fans want to know? After all these years, are we ready to hear the truth about the Joker’s identity. It can’t be just any regular individual… it has to be someone special, no?

Tell us what you think in the comments. Are you excited to learn the Joker’s true identity or are you on the fence like him and prefer his past to be multiple choice, as he famously stated in The Killing Joke?

Justice League #50 goes on sale May 25.


Images Courtesy of DC